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Thank you so much for taking time to visit my blog! My name is Erika Nicole, and I am an award winning fine art wedding photographer based out of Oregon and Idaho. On here you will find my most recent work, fun tips and tricks, and the latest happenings in my life. My style is romantic, chic, sexy, vintage, glamorous, and FABULOUS! Think we would be great fit? Me too! Contact me to set up your complimentary consultation today ;).

Archive: October, 2011

Miss Sarah {Erika Nicole Photography, Boise Boudoir Photographer}

Sunday, October 16th, 2011

Dannnnnnnng Girl! That’s what I have to say about this next shoot. I am always blessed with the most gorgeous boudoir clients. Like for reals… I am truly awe struck at their beauty and grace. Sarah was no different. As soon as I saw her, I knew we were meant to be together ;) hehehe. Those STUNNING blue eyes with her warm chestnut hair was UNREAL. Plus, she knew how to smile with her eyes, lol, which I absolutely adore!! Sarah is so wonderful and sweet, and I had soooooo much fun shooting her session.

Sarah, thank you so much for such a great day and I can’t wait for you to see the rest of them! Hope you love them!!!



Chris and Suzanne {Erika Nicole Photography, Eugene Wedding Photographer}

Tuesday, October 11th, 2011

Suzanne glowed in the fall light while anxiously awaiting to see her groom and start the rest of their lives together. Chris busied himself with the last minute wedding details downstairs to stave off the nerves. When I asked Chris if he was excited to finally be marrying his best friend, his smile said it all… LOVE. Big love. The kind you see in movies…

The skies held off rain and provided a beautiful sunny fall afternoon, perfect for this couple’s calm and sweet love. Chris and Suz are two of the most loving, caring, fun, adventurous people I have ever had the pleasure to photograph. I was simply honored that they chose me to be the one to document their love ;) .

Congratulations to you both! I am so very happy for you ;) . Here is a sneak peek from their wedding. Hope you enjoy them!


Erika Nicole

Soft and Sweet , My Very Own Outdoor Boudoir Shoot {Erika Nicole Photography, Eugene, Boise, and Portland Boudoir Photographer}

Sunday, October 2nd, 2011

As I sit here in Boise in an old car repair shop turned coffee shop, contemplating life and if I am ready for the internet and their mothers to see my boudoir photos, I smile… I always tell woman to do boudoir, embrace their curves and imperfections, and give ‘em hell! So why I am I so shy?!?! I’m not sure ;) . This was literally one of the most confidence boosting and liberating things I have done… EVER.

For those of you who don’t know,  I am 5’9″, 138 lbs on a good day (depends how much wine I consumed the day before and if I feel like fibbing), have the shoulders of a linebacker, and the boobs of a pre-pubescent teen, I did not see this shoot going well… However, I really wanted some pretty photos I could look back on a be proud of. So I figured my fear wasn’t enough that a little vodka and lemonade couldn’t cure!

I wanted to do an nontraditional take on boudoir. I wanted a super soft, sexy, and sweet shoot done outdoors. I know, right?! I was literally VERY scantily clad for all the world to see… I was thinking warm light, creamy skin, and a soft color palette. I knew to get the photos I wanted it had to be the perfect location and the perfect combination of outfits. So I literally scoured the countryside and planned my colors, clothes, makeup, and jewelry for weeks!

Let me set the stage… I was having a total fat day. For realsies. I almost didn’t do the shoot! Thank the lord for my mother, she convinced/tricked me… She asked, “What do you have to lose Erika?” I had no response. I had NOTHING to lose. Only love and appreciation of myself and my body to gain. I decided to bite the bullet… really it was more like ‘drinking the Russian potato water’… but regardless, I decided Wednesday was the day! Much to my  father’s dismay, I decided to nominate my mother (who has an incredible eye and second shoots occasionally) to take the photos.

Given that I had a very specific vision, I didn’t want to hire another photographer to take the photos and lose my creative vision. So I decided to bribe my mother with a cocktail and we headed out! Lord knows I can be bossy when it comes to getting the perfect shot, so I figured, since my mother birthed me, she couldn’t be too upset if I got bossy with her ;) , she had to love me flaws and all! With my direction and getting up every minute to check the camera settings and exposure…. we did it!

With a little beyonce on pandora, the help of Absolute peach vodka, and my mother’s patience… We created something I couldn’t be more thrilled with. This was seriously one of the most rewarding experience I have ever had. Never have I felt so beautiful or graceful. Lol, I used to race  downhill mountain bikes for goodness sake!

Moral of the story. There never is a ‘right’ time to do boudoir. There is always going to be something holding you back. Your tan, your muffin top, your cellulite, your post baby body… I am here to tell you to let go. Embrace YOURSELF. This is you, right here, right now. Ask yourself why the hell not?! What have you got to lose? Trust me when I say my genetics decided I should be blessed with both cellulite and stretch marks! Did you see them in the photos? Nope. Why? Because the light is so warm, buttery and diffused, it practically photoshops all of your flaws out. You will never look more beautiful!

The photos below are not photoshoped. Uhhhh yea, I know, terrifying. They have only been warmed up and the lighting has been adjusted. I wanted to show you what is possible! And I didn’t want to alter the photos for my own reasons as well. I want to love myself wholly… flaws and all baby! If I don’t, why should I expect others to?

So without further novel length suspension, here are the photos!

Hope you like!

Can’t wait to share all the fabulous shoots from over here in Boise! Hollaaaaaaa!


Erika Nicole

Chris and Suzanne, One Frame {Erika Nicole Wedding Photography, Eugene Wedding Photographer}

Saturday, October 1st, 2011

I have been dying to share photos from Chris and Suzanne’s wedding last Saturday! I am still in Idaho, so I wanted to wait to give the post the time and care that it deserves ;) . So in the mean time, here is a sneak peak! Can’t wait to show you the rest as wel as share details of their special day.


Erika Nicole


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